Automate the boring stuff of wallpapers with systemd

Automate the boring stuff of wallpapers with systemd
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So assuming you’re not using a DE and don’t wanna install a tool which comes with a lot of dependencies just to automate the boring stuf of changing wallpapers (root window of Xorg). I wrote a simple Python program which you can use as systemd unit too.

Clone the repository or download/copy the if you don’t want systemd part. I’d recommend ~/bin for such executable scripts. You can execute it from .xinitrc or .xprofile. For systemd there is explaination in repository readme file too.

git clone
cp beautify/ ~/bin/beautify
cp beautify/systemd/beautify.service ~/.config/systemd/user/
systemctl enable --user beautify.service
systemctl start --user beautify.service

Don’t forget to edit the beautify.service. Add path to beautify script where you copied it, and also add your wallpapers collection’s path and duration.

If you wanna execute it without systemd, you can copy the to ~/bin and execute it from ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xprofile like this.

cat ~/.xinitrc

~/bin/beautify ~/pix/wallpapers 300

It will change the wallpapers from ~/pix/wallpapers every 5 minutes. Enjoy!