Terminal Sharing service

Terminal Sharing service
tmate terminal sharing remote rdp terminal sharing software

What’s tmate?

On *nix systems, sometimes we need support. And geeks don’t like GUI apps just to have your system in front of them, at least I don’t like that 😉

tmate is terminal sharing software you can use it to connect with your friends and you both work from there. It’s available in many distributions repos and in case you aren’t lucky enough, you can compile it from source or there are pre-compiled binaries there in their Github page.

How to use?

Once installed, just invoke tmate from command line. tmate needs an ssh key so in case you don’t have an ssh key, generate one.


Once ready, invoke tmate. It will start connecting to its server and show you in status bar once connected. You can now show the URIs by show-messages command.

tmate show-messages

It will provide you both [web, ssh] priviliged and non-privileged links. Share with your friends how you like.