How to contribute to open source project

So you want to contribute to some open source project which is hosted on git[hub,lab] or some other git website. Here is all you want to do.

Fork the repository

Create a personal fork. On github, visit the project repository and hit fork. It will fork the project in your personal account.

Clone it

Clone it in your local machine so you can work on it. Remember you are cloning the fork, and not the original project.

$ git clone

Add the upstream

Add the original project as upstream.

$ git remote add upstream

Fetch latest work

If you forked a project just now, you can go to next step. If there is a time gap, fetch latest work from upstream to your fork.

$ git pull upstream

Create a new branch

Create a new branch so you can work there.

$ git checkout -b develop

Add your contribution

Add your work in new created branch. Commit changes. Make sure to write meaninigful commits.

Push your work live

Push the changes you have made to remote origin.

$ git push

Create a pull request

Go to your fork page and create a pull request. That’s it