A journey to Linux World

Been using linux for a while now, so today I'll tell you my story how this journey started. I had no computers at school and till 2013 we didn't have electricity too in our village ;-)

I was a symbian and then android somehow advanced user and I always used to try new custom ROMs as they released. It was a december 2017 night and I was flashing my Samsung S4 with flashify or something like that (don't remember now). All of a sudden something bad happened and I had no custom recovery at that point. So my phone got soft bricked.

I had no computer knowledge but still I had believe if I find a computer, I'd make it alive as I had many custom and stock ROMs saved in SDXC card. So I went to my village friends who had computers. My bad they were using old windows versions which don't support exFat filesystem.

I went to other village looking for a computer shop but it was friday so shops were closed. There I met a guy who had an old machine and he said he will give me this machine if I'm willing to give him my symbian phone. I got this old machine and came home. Connected to LCD and realised it also had XP installed. On the next day I asked few friends about it and they said it won't run Windows 7 or above as it had only 1 GB of RAM. I went to city where I gave phone to guy who reflashed the stock ROM in it. I was happy to have my phone back. After a few months, I thought to play with this computer so I turned it on and started using it. I opened some tabs in browser and there was so much unbearable fan noise. I googled about it and realised it was due to less RAM and heavy load. So I started looking for like 'How to increase RAM' and such stupid things as I told earlier I never used computers before. A google search leaded me to some website where I found an article about linux. So I started reading about it.

It was about Kali Linux. So I downloaded the ISO, and installed it. It is another story how I made it alive ;-)

Kali Linux comes with gnome by default as desktop manager which is resources hungry. Computer was hung at some point and I restarted it again till I found XFCE. So I started using it.

I was using it for some months. I always used to hear about hacking (I don't say it hacking now btw) from Facebook friends so I used to thougt that I'd be a hacker (script kiddie tbh) one day.

Used Kali Linux for some months and one day when I was upgrading system, after a reboot LCD software was gone. Tried many solutions but nothing happened positive. Again I came to phone world and this time I started googling how can I use computer from phone. I came to know about an article on SSH and I borrowed an LCD from neighbour, set up SSH and started using it from my phone.

I used Kali Linux for some months and one day a guy who knew me and was working in an Telecom company told me that I should learn RedHat. He sent me a pdf book which I started reading and installed Redhat. After using Redhat few days, I realised I couldn't play videos on it, tried my best on googling, got some software which was paid but with a trial version. I installed Fedora later with XFCE spin. I had joined some linux related groups on Facebook where I met a guy who told me about Arch Linux. I installed it and it taught me a lot. Later I tried almost all old to fresh distros and ended up using CRUX which is a very minimalistic and simple linux distro. You get a binary install and then you can start compiling your desired programs how you want them.

So now come to the real topic. When I was using Kali Linux and Fedora, I always used to think one day I will get a better machine and install gnome or kde as in 1 GB it was not possible for me to use it. Now I have seen how systems work, how apps work, even if I'm on a super computer I'll use DWM ;-). Right now I'm writing this article and my system is using 120 MBs of RAM.

My DWM Desktop.

DWM is a powerful Windows Manager and I have patched it to my likings. I'll write another article on its usage and how you can configure it and patch it to add more functionality. If you wanna clone my work then you can use my fork of it.

$ git clone https://notabug.org/Abdullah/dwm.git
$ cd dwm
$ make 
# sudo make install
$ echo 'exec dwm' >> ~/.xinitrc  

Log out and if you are using some display manager, select DWM from options there. You'll get dwm running in no time. Don't forget to modify config.h where all custom settings reside. Happy Hacking.