A minimal yet complete Window Manager

Posted by Abdullah on September 10, 2019 · 2 mins read

What’s DWM?

DWM is a Tiling window manager by Suckless community.


You can install dwm by using your distribution package maangers. But as dwm is configured by hand before compilation, so it’s recommended you clone its repository, configure and then compile it for your system. I have a fork which you may like.


In the root directory, there is a file config.h. You can edit it how you like. After editing run make and then as root (if you wanna install as system-wide) or copy the dwm executable file to your path.

Let’s take a look at my fork compiled dwm.

The default Modifier is Super Key (Windows key on most laptops). You can change it to Alt key or whatever you like. From now on I’m using Mod for super key.

Let’s open a window. The first window will always be in full screen.

One window per tag

Let’s add more windows. I’ll introduce you some terms used in Window Managers. The larger area is called Master. When you open new windows, the first window is pushed to stack area. Take a look at this screenshot.

Two Windows per tag

Add another terminal window.

Three windows per tag

If you wanna move the window in stack area to come back in Master area, just focus it with Mod + j/k and then press Mod + Shift + Return.

move windows

You can resize the increase/decrease Master area with Mod + h/l.

Resize Windows

For now, it’s enough for you to get started. I’ll update it soon. In sha Allah.